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Egress Basement Windows 

🌟 Enhanced Safety and Peace of Mind 🌟

  1. Emergency Escape Route: Egress windows provide a safe exit in case of emergencies. Whether it’s a fire, flood, or any unforeseen situation, having a clear escape route from the basement is essential. These windows meet the City of Calgary guidelines for egress, ensuring your family’s well-being.

  2. Natural Light and Ventilation: Egress windows allow abundant natural light to flood your basement, transforming it from a dark, dreary space into a welcoming area. Proper ventilation also prevents musty odors and promotes a healthier indoor environment.

  3. Increased Home Value: Prospective buyers recognize the importance of egress windows. When you decide to sell your home, having compliant egress windows can significantly boost its market appeal. Buyers appreciate the added safety and functionality.

  4. Legal Compliance: Egress windows are not just a luxury; they’re a legal requirement for finished basements with bedrooms. By installing them, you ensure your home adheres to building codes and regulations.

Remember, egress windows are an investment that pays off in both safety and property value.

Build your Window Package 

 1. Digging the hole for the new window

 2. Removing the excess dirt

 3. Cutting the concrete

 4. Removing the concrete

 5. Suppling the window

 6. Installing the window

 7. Interior finishing to paint stage

 8. Window well's wood or steel

 9. Drainage systems inside the window well or dry wells for homes with no weeping tile 

 10. A grate system to walk over the window well

 Choose the items you require for your project, we can do as much or as little as you need. 

Calgary egress basement window installed by QC construction
Egress basement window ready to back fill and finish the job

Things to consider before you Start

 1. Do I need engineering: Any opening cut larger than 48 inches in width necessitates the involvement of a structural engineer, If an opening constitutes more then 25% of the total wall span(including all existing windows on that wall, not just the new one) it requires a engineer assessment, and windows situated close to each other must maintain a minimum separation distance equal to the window opening itself. Failure to meet this requirement also requires a engineer  

 2. Do I need a permit: City of Calgary requires permits 

 3. Do I require a drainage system: We recommend installing a drain in all windows, some properties may not require one but in a major storm it can save your home from flooding.

 4. What are the smallest windows that will reach egress: We have sliders that are 44" wide that will meet code and we can have inswing hoppers that are 36" wide that will meet code.

 5. Where are egress windows required: In all bedrooms 

 6. Do window wells have a egress code: Yes they need to be 30" out from the foundation wall and not under a cantilever 

 7. Are we insured and have Wcb coverage for our workers: Yes

 8 What is the warranty: 1 year on materials and labor 

Calgary city
Click here for Calgary official city egress window guidelines 
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